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A System’s Roles in Transfer Partnerships and Pipelines

How the University of Illinois system positively impacts the lives of students through influence and leadership.

Plagiarism Is a Structural Problem

How our campuses can minimize plagiarism.

Higher Ed, Meet GPT-3: We Will Never Be the Same!

We have read for years that artificial intelligence will make us more efficient and effective. We’re seeing the impact now in gathering big data, identifying and predicting trends, and providing quick answers to the run-of-the-mill questions from students and others.

What Are the Writing Projects You ‘Need’ This Academic Year?

Prioritize your writing projects by determining the motivation behind each.

Early College: A Strategy That Works

In conversation with Erika Giampietro, executive director of the Massachusetts Alliance for Early College.

Conveying Fragility

Higher education when democracy is in crisis.