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Looking for the Academic Analogue to ‘Thank You for Your Servitude’

Are there nonfiction books on higher ed that are as funny as this book on the Trump presidency?

What Makes Popular History Popular?

What academic historians can learn from Robin Blackburn, Taylor Branch, Robert Caro, James Fallows, Howard French, Neal Gabler, Adam Hochschild, Harold Holzer, Nicholas Lemann, Anthony Lukas and Isabel Wilkerson.

Early Transfer, a Warning Signal

When transfer rates indicate a problem rather than a success.

Why Can’t We Spend the Endowment?

All these tantalizing millions sit in those accounts, but we still might have to cut the budget? Huh?

Imagine We Are Starting a University Now

Higher education is notoriously slow to change, unable to keep up with society. Let’s imagine together that instead we were responsive to the changes in society.

Peloton Pedagogy Part 3: When the People Come Back

In-person Peloton class has returned. What does it mean for those of us at home?