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3 Questions for a Retired Academic Librarian

A conversation with David W. Lewis, co-editor of the Journal of Electronic Publishing and dean emeritus of the IUPUI University Library.

Can the English Major Be Saved?

Have academic professionalization and specialization harmed the study of literature?

3 Questions on Academic Library Spending for the Scholar Who Wrote the Book on University Budgets

A conversation with Andrew Comrie, author of Like Nobody’s Business: An Insider’s Guide to How US University Finances Really Work.

Is Academic Scholarship Stagnating?

Nature claims that scientific papers and patents have become less disruptive. Is the same thing true across the academy, including in the humanities?

The Presidential Twitter Evolution

Why higher ed leaders must intentionally transition from personality to strategy.

Debunking U.S. History

Exposing and bulldozing myths is not enough.