South Dakota Bans Pronouns, Tribal Affiliations in University Email Signatures

Civil liberties advocates and students say the South Dakota Board of Regents’ new policy is part of a larger effort to “erase queer people from the public university system.”

Ultimatums and Deals for Some Remaining Protesters

Student demonstrations may be dwindling, but they haven’t disappeared. Campus leaders continue to respond to the encampments using a range of approaches.

Positive Partnership: Equipping Students to Teach Multilingual Learners

Western Oregon University offers scholarships and mentorship for students as they prepare to be ESOL educators, as well as a pathway for current teachers to be reskilled.

Awarding Credit Where It’s Due

A new report pushes for an expansion of credit for prior learning, including in college transfer. Here are seven actions higher ed institutions can take.

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Don’t Roll Back Progress on Textbook Affordability

Course material costs have been coming down, but an Education Department proposal puts that progress in jeopardy, Eric Weil and Michael Moore write.

Rethinking Respect

Colleges can help students cultivate civic respect—a value more easily affirmed than granted in our polarized climate, Jeff Spinner-Halev and Elizabeth Theiss-Morse write.


Nurturing Talent

The value of mentorship in empowering student success.

The AI-Augmented Nonteaching Academic in Higher Ed

Generative AI will bring innovations, efficiencies, creativity and effectiveness to most who work at our colleges and universities in the coming year.

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A Primer for Prepping for Tenure Review

Kate Vacek and Letitia Henville offer tips for academics who've just landed their first tenure-track job about how to advance and succeed.

The Problem With Participation Grades (and How To Solve It)

The benefits are well documented but the practice can be subjective and prone to instructor biases, warns Anna Broadbent.


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