House Republicans Advance Resolution to Block New Title IX Regs

In a busy Thursday meeting, the education committee also advanced the first legislation to combat antisemitism on campuses and block student athletes from unionizing. But LGBTQ+ protections sparked the hottest debate.

Federal Innovation Push Brings ‘Moment of Change’ for Community Colleges

As the National Science Foundation ramps up investment in technological innovation, community colleges are training the workforce needed to support emerging scientific advances.

Chinese Media Turns Stanford AI Plagiarism Into ‘Propaganda’

An AI model released by two Stanford students sparked controversy in China for its similarities to a model developed by scientists at Tsinghua University.

Positive Partnership: Librarians Support Student Athlete Academics

University of Arizona librarians partnered with an athletics support program to help students hone their research and writing skills.

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Memo to Faculty: AI Is Not Your Friend

The time to resist is now, Scott Latham writes.

When Language Is a Weapon

Social scientists should resist the distortions of language that are (mis)shaping perceptions of the war in Gaza, Michel DeGraff writes.


The Power of a Story Arc in Scholarly Writing

Transforming research into riveting narratives.

Three Questions for Butler University’s Kevin Tuohy

The growing pains and gains of a new online program.

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Bad-Faith Counteroffers

Black and other minoritized faculty don’t receive equitable ones if they receive them at all, which harms both them and their Institutions, writes Jasmine L. Harris.

Strategies for a Successful Semester-Long Sabbatical

It can involve continued university responsibilities and geographical restrictions, writes Christine Tulley, who advises others on how to make the most of one.


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