University of Arts Closure Remains Shrouded in Mystery

The institution’s sudden shutdown has prompted its accreditor to step in and help guide students—and inspired legislation on college financial transparency.

New Jersey Community College Leaders Fight Potential Funding Cut

The institutions stand to lose $20 million if the governor’s current budget proposal passes. The college’s leaders are hopeful their advocacy can stave off the cut.

Survey: Most Students Approve of Education Quality, Climate

Initial findings from Inside Higher Ed’s annual Student Voice survey challenge popular narratives about how college is failing students, while also pointing to areas for improvement.

Funding Student Success: Mini Grants for First-Year Engagement

This spring, Ohio University piloted a grant program to support faculty and student engagement in first-year seminars, awarding eight grants to empower connection and meaningful relationships.

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Helping Students Unlearn ‘Learned Helplessness’

The challenge is to promote help-seeking behaviors without fostering dependency, Erin Andrews writes.

No Such Thing as Perfect Admissions Criteria

A recent survey of AAPI adults drives that point home, Jim Jump writes.


Can We Trust Social Science Research?

Issues of bias, credibility, politics, reliability and reproducibility.

The Power of a Story Arc in Scholarly Writing

Transforming research into riveting narratives.

Career Advice

The Power of Confident and Impactful Communication

Scholars must convey complex concepts in ways that make an impression, write Diane A. Safer and Susanna Baddiel, who offer a toolkit for doing so successfully.

Bad-Faith Counteroffers

Black and other minoritized faculty don’t receive equitable ones if they receive them at all, which harms both them and their Institutions, writes Jasmine L. Harris.


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Student Voice: Life After College

Students say how their colleges and universities are and should be preparing them for the workforce, including through their experiences with campus career centers, experiential learning and career influencers.