Worries of Harm Lead to Scientific Censorship

The authors of a new paper make recommendations for reducing scientific censorship by improving transparency in the publication of academic research.

Biden Administration to Take Another Swing at Accreditation Rules

Negotiations next spring will address state authorization and the definition of distance education but won’t consider use of third-party servicers.

Academic Success Tip: Broaden Office Hours Across Disciplines

Rather than hosting office hours one-on-one in a faculty member’s office, Virginia Commonwealth University organizes gatherings for multiple faculty members in a common space, making the experience more welcoming to students.

Positive Partnership: Graduate Students Provide Well-Being Coaching in Res Halls

The School of Social Work partnered with Carolina Housing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to provide wellness care to residential undergraduate students.

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A Dignified Retirement

Much more data are needed to help bring about equitable benefits for adjunct faculty, Adrianna Kezar and Jordan Harper write.

Academic Self-Regulation Interventions Can Promote Success for All

For first-generation students as well as their peers, professors can break down barriers to allow students to excel, writes Pola Ham, an assistant professor of occupational therapy.


3 Questions for Deborah Dougherty on Higher Ed’s Past and Future

A conversation with the director of the Andison Center for Teaching Excellence at Alma College about higher ed in 2060.

The New Nonprofits

How best to prepare majors in the humanities and “soft” social sciences for this rapidly growing sector of employment.

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Transforming Challenged Academic Units

When a unit becomes dysfunctional, leaders may recognize the problem but not know where to begin to resolve it, write Jacob J. Ryder, C. K. Gunsalus, Elizabeth A. Luckman and Nicholas C. Burbules, who offer specific approaches that can help.

Partnering to Train Ph.D.s to Teach

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria and Nicholas Papas describe the powerful synergy that can occur between scholarship-oriented students at universities and community college faculty with practical teaching experience.


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