Curry College Guarantees Graduates Will Be Employed

The college will help those who remain unemployed six months after graduation pay their student loans, find paid internships or allow them to take classes for free.

Minnesota Lawmakers Push to Regulate OPMs

Online program managers that allow institutions to offer wide-scale online courses are under fire in Minnesota. Lawmakers don’t like their profit-sharing model, among other things.

Report: Texas Community College Students Struggling to Make Ends Meet

A new survey from Trellis Strategies finds a majority of two-year students in Texas have run out of money during 2023, but one-third of students have not spoken with their college about their issues.

Advising on Classes, Life and Anything Else

The University of Central Florida streamlined student supports by merging the roles of academic adviser and student success coach roles into one.

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A Passover Reminder

The Seder liturgy reminds us that too many colleges are creating students who don’t know how to ask a question, Rachel Fish writes.

Let’s Make Later Deposit Deadlines Permanent

Colleges are extending admission commitment deadlines due to FAFSA delays, but there’s no good reason they can’t do this every year, Chuck Knepfle writes.


Art in Flux

Debating art’s meaning and purpose in our age of algorithmic aesthetics and corporate production and curation.

Making Progress Against ChatGPT

It can be hard to see progress, but I have tangible (anecdotal) evidence.

Career Advice

No Limits: Failing and Winning Like Michael Phelps

Adriana Bankston provides advice for how to turn setbacks into opportunities and other guidelines for approaching your career like a champion.

Helping Faculty Members Cultivate Joy in Writing

Academics internalize that we must “publish or perish,” but that message creates fear, loathing and pressure, write Deborah J. Cohan and Barbara J. Risman.


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