Characterizing Pro-Palestinian Protesters as Antisemitic Is a ‘Dangerous Conflation’

Khaled Beydoun, a scholar of the First Amendment and Muslim identity, discusses free speech rights on campus and argues that Islamophobia and antisemitism have shared roots. 

Current Students Left Behind in FAFSA Change Conversation

A new Student Voice survey by Inside Higher Ed and Generation Lab found one in five college students are unaware of the changes to the FAFSA form and the ensuing challenges.

Gloomy Financial Outlook for British Universities

Four in five institutions could face deficits given stalling domestic enrollment and declines in international recruitment, if higher education regulator warns.

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Scott McLemee reviews John Rennie Short’s Insurrection: What the January 6 Assault on the Capitol Reveals about America and Democracy.

GPTs for Scholars: Enablers of Shoddy Research?

The GPTs that offer scholarly citations may eliminate the issue of hallucinated (fake) citations, but they pose other problems, Mohammad Hosseini and Kristi Holmes write.


Reading ‘On the Move’ and Thinking Mostly About Climate Change

Another excellent book to place in conversation with Universities on Fire.

Life Prep 101

College’s hidden curriculum’s essential role in preparing students for life post-graduation.

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Negotiating in a Protest Encampment

George R. Boggs shares what he learned years ago that remains relevant now, as well insights from today's context that he wish he'd known then.

A Challenge for TAs: Establishing Boundaries

Many teaching assistants feel tension between the demands of teaching and honoring their own personal and professional needs, writes Ed Himelblau.


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Student Voice: Life After College

Students say how their colleges and universities are and should be preparing them for the workforce, including through their experiences with campus career centers, experiential learning and career influencers.